"To reach your potential,

you must grow"

Personal Development is an everyday thing, it is part of life for those who will not settle for being average and ordinary. Personal Development is for you if you desire to be the very best that you can be. It is for you if you desire to achieve big goals, it is for you, if you want to do something special with your life. 


Personal Development and the attitude of a champion can get you across the finish line when talent alone can not do it. Remember, Personal Development is not something we do once and we are done. It is something we do on a consistent daily basis, it is a big part of your life. 


Read my story and you will discover that I would not be here with you today if I had not accepted the challenge to grow as a person. I give God, family, special friends and Personal Development credit for what I have achieved and for who I am today. Reach out, let me help you.



"A strong team is essential to achieving success"

Recruiting is the name of the game; it is the fuel that keeps the engine running. Not all, however, most problems in an organization can be solved by adding one or two good people to your team. Not just anyone, but someone who is hungry for a better life and someone who has influence.

There are two areas where we do our recruiting activity. The Warm Market and the Cold Market. I love this part of our business. I understand it very well and I approach it knowing that it's a numbers game. It's an activity where the one that gets the most no's will always get the most yes's. 

Most of us do not become good recruiters overnight, it takes time and effort. I would love to help you become the recruiter you desire to be. If you let me, I will share with you how I built large organizations and how you can do the same. Reach out, we are here to help.



"Leadership is everything"

"The art of influencing and directing people in such a manner as to obtain their willing obedience, confidence, respect and loyal cooperation in order to accomplish the mission".

In the business of people, specially in the Direct Sales Industry, where we do not have bosses or employees, leadership is critical because it will determine your success or your failure, more so than in any other industry.


Leadership is not only good for business. It is good for your community, your city, your state, for our country and for the world.

Al Gonzalez will share with you the tools you need to become the leader you desire to be. Reach out, we are here to help.

1. Understanding the role of a leader.

2. Gaining trust, confidence and respect.

3. The only way to lead, by example.