"My World", a book written by Al Gonzalez, is an inspiring and relevant story for readers everywhere. We all tend to have times when we are down on ourselves, down on life, or both. We can be filled with negativity and feel like life is just letting us down. Self-worth and self-respect are things that we all lack at one time or another. But even when we're at our lowest points, we're never alone, which is something the author reminds us of.


    Using the story of his personal journey and then speaking directly to the reader, Gonzalez helps us all remember that we're important and that we can all get something out of life if we're only willing to work for it. The message he shares is important, and his words of encouragement should be heard by everyone, if only to remind us that the hard times will pass and that we should still have hope for the future.

- Ann Collins, Book Reviewer